A Stone's Story

THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION... I appreciate your patience.

Hi! I am Jen. Welcome to A Stone's Story. I've always appreciated the beauty in nature and am amazed by the colors, patterns and crystals in natural stones. In addition to a renewed interest in rockhounding, I am learning lapidary arts. Transforming a rough rock into a polished cabochon (domed polished stone to be used in jewelry). Once polished, more detailed patterns and vivid colors are revealed. On this website you will find cabochons, specimens, keychains and jewelry created from rocks that I have collected in Alaska, Washington and Arizona, and purchased lapidary rough.

I can be contacted directly on Facebook or by email AStonesStory@gmail.com

Visit A Stone's Story in person at the Midtown Mall (Anchorage) from 10am-7pm on Saturday March 4th and on Sunday March 5th from 12 - 6pm during the 2023 Rondy Rock and Mineral Show!