Def. Cabochon: a gem rounded and highly polished usually with a flat back.

Alaskan Cabochons

The cabochons have been handcrafted from stones that I collected from the Matanuska River and its tributaries with the source in the Talkeetna Mountains. I'll note the general location of the stone if collected elsewhere. 

Though I do my best to identify individual stones often consulting geologists and more experienced rockhounds, I am still learning how to identify local rocks and minerals. I can provide and approximation of hardness. The cabs that are listed as jasper, quartz or agate cannot be scratched by a steel blade.

All Alaskan cabochons are priced at $25. If you'd like to purchase 5 or more Alaskan Cabs prices are reduced to $20/cab.


2. Red Jasper Oval

Converted to pendant with glue on (epoxied bail)

3. Blue, Pink and Epidote

SOLD, but have more material

4. Red, pink jasper with hematite

5. Blue green quartz with pyrite inclusions

6. Purple orbicular rhyolite

7. Rhyolite with magnitite inclusions

SOLD, but have more mater

8. Light green and lavender rhyolite

9. Red jasper with quartz and hematite inclusions

10. Blizzard Stone

11. Blue White and yellow Jasper/Quartz

12. Blizzard Stone with pink

SOLD, but have more material

13. Petrified wood with agate and pyrite inclusion

Converted to wire wrapped 

14. Brecciated Jasper and other rocks

15. Brecciated Jasper and other rock

16. Garnet in Gneiss

Converted to necklace with glue on bail